Good question! On the positive side, a Rio Switch Chucker is a great 'over-sized' floating line that can help deliver large flies. Unfortunately, no line set up makes casting a Dolly Llama easy! I am going to assume you are casting these overhead since you really can't switch cast a Dolly Llama. It is just too heavy to pull out of the water on any Spey-style cast.

Since Dolly Llamas fish best on a floating line, you have two main options:

  1. Run a 9 foot Salmon/Steelhead Leader directly off the Chucker. For trout fishing go with a 12lb and for coho go with a 16lb. A salmon leader (unlike a trout leader) is thicker and has a stiffer butt section that helps smooth out the casting of big flies.
  2. Add a 10 Foot Medium MOW Tip in Full Floating to the end of the Chucker and then the salmon/steelhead leader. The MOW Tip will smooth out the cast and and add a little more mass to the head of the line.

Whichever way you decide to go, a switch rod is terrific way to fish both salmon and trout in Alaska.