Early August in Haines features great fishing in the Chilkoot River. It is semi-glacial but fishes very well. The sockeye run is at its peak so a selection of sockeye flies is a good idea. The Dolly Varden fishing is very good, too. The Dollies are eating eggs at this time so a selection of 8mm beads such as the S.E./Kodiak Medium Bead Selection is ideal. If you prefer to fish egg flies such as Glo Bugs go with Gorman Beadhead Eggs in Peachy King, Unreal Egg Clusters and Glo Bugs in Champagne and Peachy King. #8 and #10 are ideal.

There can also be some good pink salmon in the river. Humpy Hookers, Starlite Leeches in Pink and Lead Eye Egg Sucking Leeches in Purple are favorites. 

For Leaders a Rio Salmon/Steelhead Leader in 9 foot 12lb will work for sockeye and pinks. A Rio Trout Leader in 2x is best for the Dollies. Split shot and indicators really help when fishing egg patters, too.

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