We Have High-Graded The Best Lodges And Outfitters

We know that the array of Alaskan lodges and outfitters can seem endless and confusing.


That is why AFFG has partnered with Fly Out Travel to bring you a high level of service and attention when planning your fishing trip in Alaska. Their experience and first-hand knowledge of the different lodges, float trips and fishing camps is second to none.

Fly Out Travel

Fly Out Travel takes the guesswork out of planning a trip to Alaska. They provide first-hand, honest and un-biased travel information with one goal in mind – find the best trip for you. A great trip doesn’t happen by accident. They can tell you when, where, and how to travel in Alaska. Fly Out Travel offers insider information and personalized service to find the best trip for you. And, there’s never any charge for their services.

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