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Whether you spell it Dolly Llama, Dali Lama, Dahli Llama, or any other way,  this is the hottest fly in Alaska for both trout and salmon and Alaska Fly Fishing Goods has the largest selection of them anywhere. The heavy cone head and flowing rabbit body make an irresistable combination. Equally good as a swung fly or stripped. Try one out. You will be impressed!

We offer Dolly Llamas in a variety of sizes and colors. Here is a quick guide to choosing a size.

  • #6 Tungsten Mini Dolly Llama – Outstanding trout fly in a small package.
  • #6 Dolly Llama – For smaller streams and where sub-20″ fish are the norm.
  • #4 Dolly Llama – Available in select colors for trout fishing. It is the same size as a #2 only with a smaller trout-friendly hook.
  • #2 Dolly Llama – Perfect for salmon, steelhead and big trout and dollies.
  • #1/0 Mega Dolly Llama – For the biggest of fish such as king salmon.

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