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BnR Soft Beads – Creamsicle


The Creamsicle Soft Bead is one color that mimics “dead” eggs from pink, chum and king salmon. This is a great color to fish when the spawn is going off and the fish are feasting. It continues to fish late into spawn when fresh eggs are disappearing. This is also a great color for steelhead when the water is low and clear or when the bright, extravagant colors are turning fish off. It is also a money color for fall steelhead on the Kenai Peninsula. Try adding UV Glo Troutify Bead Paint for when the dark, stormy days are rolling.


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The creamsicle soft bead colors is one of the best all around. Fish it in 8mm-1omm behind spawning pinks. Rol the 12mm -16mm for steelhead, Or try it as a large early season  attractor bead on big rivers like the Kenai or Naknek.

10 beads per pack. Packs come with 10 bead stops.

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