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The one that started it all. The Black & White Dolly Llama is the #1 color for trout and char and is also amazingly effective on salmon and steelhead. If you could only have one fly to fish all of Alaska, for every species, this would be it!


Big Rainbows, Dolly Varden and salmon love this fly. Try it out on fussy, lock-jawed silvers. It wakes them up when nothing else will! Also a very good Sheefish fly.

The photo shows the 4 sizes of Dolly Llama we offer: Mega 1/0, #2, #4, #6. Use the #2 for most applications in Alaska. If you are targeting big trout, the #4 has all the size & motion of the #2 but with a trout-friendly hook. The #6 is a great Lower 48 and South America trout fly. The #1/0 Mega has an even larger conehead and bigger profile and is designed for king salmon and other mega predators.

12 reviews for Dolly LLama – Black & White

  1. Brian

    I’m a noob. On the advice of one of the owners/managers (not sure which) of this shop, I picked one of these up before a work trip to Yakutat. It caught me my first fly fishing fish ever, a gorgeous Cutty from Lost River. Took all of two casts, barely 50 yards from where I parked my truck, and four more landings within an hour of that, with two other Cuts, a bright and shiny Pink salmon, and what I could best identify as a CutBow (looked like a steelhead but it’s the wrong time of year and had the throat flash of a Cutty). Reading the other reviews, this is one serious business pattern, and it won’t steer you wrong. From what I understand, these guys tie in house, and in my opinion they are worth every penny. 10/10, buying three more of these when I get back home to Juneau.

  2. Bryan Hansen

    Awesome quality and great service. Loved the note and the sticker for my water bottle too! Will definitely be ordering more.

  3. Randy Viglienzone

    Exactly what I expected. I will buy from AFFG again.

  4. Jonathan Cherry

    Classic color combo, works all season, a must have no question.

  5. Philip Bowles

    Indispensable streamer. I have not yet fished with the particular flies I bought here, so I can not attest to their durability. Maybe it’s because they take so many big fish, but I’ve found this pattern gets torn up pretty fast. Its relatively slim profile makes it easier to cast than many big streamers.

  6. Ryan Murray

    Take this fly if you want to catch Steelhead on the Situk. Tried many color combos. All worked but the black and white is what they wanted.

  7. Shaun Churilla

    Best Dolly LLamas on the market! Must have in Alaska

  8. Shaun Churilla

    These LLamas produce….PERIOD!!

  9. Shaun Churilla

    I also come back to Brad for these LLamas!! Best I’ve seen…

  10. Shaun Churilla

    These Dolly LLama’s are the best!! Best on the market!

  11. Dan Nottingham

    I used the dolly black and white on both kings and silvers–worked great. I’m going to try it on big rainbows at Jerassic lake this Jan.

  12. Greyugly

    Love this dolly llama, sometimes I am taken in my the other “colorful” dollys, but I tell you, when the all else fails, this fly will take fish. This fly will ALWAYS produce fish.

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