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Which would be a better 7 weight switch if you were to swing 60% of the time and nymph the remaining 40% - sage x 7110 or sonic 7116?

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Thank you for reaching out. Without trying to sound like a salesman, go with the X. Here’s why.

The 7116-4 Sonic is a a pretty sweet rod for throwing light to medium sized flies. It prefers a lighter line and so lines like a short  Scandi  head  throw like a dream. The Airflo Rage is pretty sick. For what ever reason, the 7 wt doesn’t like to throw Skagit style line/heavier flies. The 8 wt is a different story.  Also, at 11’6″, the rod leans more towards a short spey than a true switch.

The 7110-4 X is a hucker, and man is it smooth and pretty forgiving. I’ve had a lot of fun tossing some short skagit heads in tight quarters. Plenty of backbone to throw some junk (except big Dolly Llamas.) Being slightly shorter, it is a much easier rod to nymph, especially in tighter/brushier spots. There are some great lines that you can nymph with too.

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Tight Lines!