I would say the Simms G3 Wader is the best performer. Here is my two cents on why they are so good:

  1. The Simms G3 Waders are built in Montana and the attention to detail really shows. These waders are built by anglers and all the little details that only anglers know about really come through. 
  2. They have a right and left "anatomically correct" neoprene foot. This means the bootie actually fits your foot and is more comfortable inside a wading boot. 
  3. They are built with 3-layer Gore-Tex in the upper body for maximum breathability and 5-layer Gore-Tex from the mid thigh down for super durability. 
  4. The fit of the Simms waders are the best in the industry. For instance, each area of the wader is specifically cut for just that wader size. So a Medium G3 will have a narrower leg and calf area than a Large, etc. 
  5. The seam on the leg is on the front of the wader rather than down the inside inseam to decrease wear on the seam. 
  6. I could go on and on....

Bottom line, for $499, you cannot beat the Simms G3 wader. 

We have a large variety of sizes in stock and can special order other sizes. Please call or email if you have other questions.