I will be traveling to Cordova to target coho salmon the last week of September. Can you give me 6-8 of your favorite fly patterns for that region during that time of year. Thanks. Roger


Hi and Thank you for reaching out! Here are my favorite silver salmon flies for Cordova:

  1. Dolly Llama #2 – black/white, pink/white, pink/purple and Tutti Frutti. Chartreuse/white can be killer too.
  2. Jig Spanker 2.0 #1/o – pink, and chartreuse
  3. Clouser Minnow #2/0 (Mega) – chartreuse/white, pink/white and Tutti Frutti.
  4. Mr. BoDangles #1/0 – pink, chartreuse, black/chartreuse and Aleutian Queen (purple).
  5. Polar Egg Hareball Leech #1/0 – fuchsia/pink, black/chartreuse, purple and pink.

There are more patterns, but these are the ones you will always find in my box.

Tight Lines,

Mike Cole
Web Manager