Early July on the Kenai is prime for sockeye, dollies and rainbows. No silvers that early in the season. 

For sockeye check out our selection of flies. A few killers ones of note:

  • Sockeye Lantern Green
  • Sockeye Lightning Green, Red
  • Montana Brassie
  • Mini Krystal Shrimp

Trout will be on the hunt for eggs and flesh. Beads in 6mm are ideal sockeye imitations. On the heavily fished Upper Kenai hand painted beads are the ticket. Mark's Trout Food come 10 per pack and are killers. Best colors are Dark Roe, Natural Roe, Orange Clear and Tangerine. 
Smaller Flesh patterns such as Twofers, Micro Flesh, Battle Creek Specials and Dolly Llamas in #6 are good bets. 

Should be a lot of fun!