Thanks for your inquiry with us about roadside fishing in Juneau. Depending on the time you are arriving in Juneau, there is a variety of fishing you could be doing. From salmon fishing to trout fishing, there can be a lot going on. Pink and Chum salmon begin their migration to Juneau in July and August, and the Silver Salmon begin to return late August through September and October. The Dolly Varden and Cutthroat trout around that time of year are often in the creeks and feeding on salmon eggs.

So, that being said there are several road system fisheries you can hit in Juneau as well as surrounding towns and areas. If you have access to a boat or plane while you are here, that opens up a whole world of possibility as well. Juneau road side fisheries include Sheep, Salmon, Montana and Cowee Creek. There are also shore casting opportunites for salmon around Echo Cove, Pt. Louisa, and Fish Creek. 

We write weekly fishing reports that we post every Thursday afternoon, and you can follow along each week before you arrive to see what is going on, here. Alternatively, you can give us a call closer to when you arrive in Juneau and we can help gear you up.

Happy Fishing!