The Clouser Minnow is typically tied on standard saltwater hooks like the Tiemco 811s or Daiichi 2546.  We have our shop standard shop clousers tied on the 811s.  These are fairly expensive hooks and Umpqua offers the U400 series which is a similar hooks, but about half the price.  For silver and other species of salmon, these hooks are great.  For saltwater (bonefish, permit, etc...) it pays dividends to go with the better hooks.

Personally, I like the Tiemco 9394 for tying my clouser.  This is a 3x strong, 4 long nickel plated hook.  The reason I like these hooks is that I can create a longer profile to my clousers, which I like for salt and estuaries.    This hook only comes up to a size two, so when I'm looking to make a larger profile clouser, then I us the 811s 1/0. I hope this helps,

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