The Tsiu River is best fished utilizing a front loaded weight forward floating line with a stout 9-10' salmon/steelhead leader in 12-16 lb. test.  Lines like Rio's Power Fly, Rio Grand and Airflo's Streamer Max Short or Nymph Indicator all work really well in turning over the heavy streamers that are used out there.  Rio's Salmon/Steelhead leaders matched with Maxima Ultragreen or similar are the best choice for leader.

A short fast sink tip line can come in handy on a few of the deeper pools up the river.  Check out Rio Streamer Tip Type  10' sink tip for this application.  This short, aggressive sink tip line is designed to turn over the heaviest of flies, like Dolly Llamas and Hareball Leeches, with relative ease.  Highly recommended by our staff.

Best of luck out on the water!