If you are new to fishing the bead, setting up your first bead leader rig can seem confusing. Everyone has their own tried and true methods for bead rigging and there's a lot of information out there on the subject. The way we see it, there are two ways most commonly used, the basic rig and the advanced rig.  To simplify things we created two short step by step videos explaining the process.

How to Rig a Basic Bead Leader

The process is quite easy. In this video we demonstrate how to set up a simple bead rig using a standard 9 foot tapered leader. It covers pegging the bead, where to place your split shot and how high to set your strike indicator.

How to Rig an Advanced Bead Leader

In this video we show how to construct a bead leader out of two sections of tippet. It covers connecting knots, using a bead swivel as a connector, and explains the advantages of using this leader over the basic version.

Products for Bead Leaders

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Bead Swivels - Trout Size


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