There's no question that Alaska is the best place on the planet to fly fish for silver (coho) salmon.  With no shortage of great destinations and rivers to fly fish for silver (coho) salmon in Alaska selecting the best one to visit can be a challenge. Our friends at Fly Out Travel have fished all over Alaska in search of bright coho and shared a bit about some programs that shine particularly bright for you to consider.

Icy Bay Lodge specializes in fly fishing for Silver Salmon on small, remote streams, saltwater flats, and backwater marshes. Icy Bay Lodge has exclusive fishing access to the waters in Icy Bay, and it is rare to have another group of anglers within 50 miles. Icy Bay Lodge focuses on three unique river systems in the area that produce some of the hottest, most aggressive silver salmon you will ever have the opportunity to catch. All of the fishing locations are within a mile of the salt, and you can fish right  in front of the lodge every day for chrome bright fish.

Icy Bay Lodge

At Aleutian Rivers Angling, from early August to mid-October, The Sapsuk River is home to one of Alaska's healthiest runs of Silver Salmon. Their guests average around 10-25 Silver Salmon per day with the average Silvers being 8-10 pounds, topping out at 15-18 pounds.

Aleutian Rivers Angling

Blue Mountain Lodge is a unique opportunity to get away from the crowds. They specialize in small groups of six anglers using Cessna and Piper Super Cub aircraft allowing them to access very remote waters only fished by lodge guests. For silver salmon, they can reach the pacific coast of the Alaska Peninsula in addition to Bristol Bay’s best Coho rivers.

Blue Mountain Lodge

If you would like more details about planning a trip to Alaska fly fishing destinations contact Fly Out Travel.