by Kayla Roys
Article 4
I was recently asked, what Southeast Alaska means to me. An inspiring question in itself, I had to dig deep for answers.

Living in Southeast Alaska is not for those who dislike long winters and months full of non-stop rain. The landscape will draw you in, but do you have what it takes to stay here forever? Southeast Alaska inspires people to live their lives outdoors. Rain doesn’t stop us here, we all own a rain jacket and XtraTuff boots. Or, in my case, waders and a Gore-Tex fishing jacket.

Living in the area, people connect with one another in a different way than that of a big city, we connect outdoors. In the spring, as we emerge from our winter hibernation, we flock together, bonding while doing things we are passionate about. Connections are forged by going on hiking, biking, camping and fishing trips. The shared passion of what we do for ourselves and our hobbies connects us to one another and our environment more than our day jobs ever will.

The seasons in Southeast are unlike the fall, spring, winter and summer seasons in other cities. The year begins cold, wet, and dark. It progresses into warm-ish, damp, and light all the time. For people that call Southeast home… It’s safe to say they are here for the summers.

May – September is the time of the year when Southeast Alaska shines. The fishing is good, the beer is cold, and the days are long. Waking up early to hit the morning fishery is more important than making it to your day job on time. Locals find excuses to stay out late and visit their favorite fishery while still waking up early to wet a line before work. That is what summer in Southeast is all about. Sleep is for winter.

Southeast Alaska is made up of beautiful landscapes that draw new comers in. From mountain streams to saltwater flats, the fishing that Southeast provides is dynamic, within 15 minutes from our front doors, and always better than a day spent at home. We will deal with the heavy rain of fall and the abuse of winter for the sleepless nights of summer. In order to call Southeast Alaska home, you must love the tidal, wet and wooded areas that surround us.