There is no finer tackle for pursuing salmon and steelhead. An amazing 7 or 8 weight Sage Z-Axis, Winston BIIx or BIImx travel rod that will allow you to easily cast all day. Matched with an Abel Super Series reel that is simply the most dependable reel on the planet. Other awesome reel options are the Nautilus CCF series, Galvan Torque series, Ross Vexsis or the Sage 4000 series reels.” A free fly selection and box, 20 lb backing”and any $70 single-piece fly line is included at no charge with this package plus free shipping within the U.S..*Premium packages with Abel reels include an $80 fly selection.” Premium packages that include Galvan or Nautilus reels include a $60 selection and Premium packages that include Ross and Sage reels include a $40 fly selection.**Rod and reel have an unconditional lifetime guarantee to the original owner.