A Sage 1090-4 Flight rod is matched with a sturdy Ross CLA reel. This is a terrific package for the money. Both rod and reel have an unconditional lifetime guarantee.”
Other reel options offered are the Nautilus CCF and the Galvan Torque 10.
Included in the package is the Rio VersiTip fly line. We feel that the
VersiTip is the best all-aournd line for king fishing. The 5 different
sink tips included allow you to adjust to any fishing situation.

also offer the option of putting a foating Scientific Angler Sharkskin
Magnum Taper or Mastery Wet Tip IV sinking tip line on the package
instead of the Versi-Tip.

With this package you will recieve FREE OF CHARGE 8 of our best King Salmon flies, 250 yards of 30 lb backing and Free Shipping in the U.S.