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Nautilus Reels

Nautilus Reels offers some of the finest U.S. made reels. From trout to king salmon, there is a Nautilus reel that will get the job done. Hermetically sealed drag systems, top notch machining, and an eye for detail make Nautilus a top choice for Alaskan anglers. 

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$435.00 each Nautilus CCF-X2 Reel The Nautilus CCF-X2 is one heck of a reel. With a drag strength of 20+ lb it can handle Alaskan-sized fish. It...
$645.00 each Nautilus NV-G Reels The Nautilus NV is considered by many anglers to be the finest fly reel made today. While that is a big claim ...
$265.00 each Nautilus X-Series Reels The Nautilus X-Series was a reel made for trout. It is smooth, sleek, and features the awesome sealed drag we ...
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