The Kriller -Red #2


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The Red Kriller is an amazing combination of realistic shrimpy fly and bright attractor pattern. Steelhead, chum, king and silvers will attack this prawn as it swings across the current. If you are fishing anywhere in the lower reaches of the river you need a few of these in your fly box.


Krillers have large dumbell eyes mounted towards the back of the fly and therefore maintain a more daigonal profile on the swing. It gets down deep and elicits big grabs. The fly is 3 inches in length and features a #2 Octopus-style stinger hook that can be switched out if it gets damaged.

1 review for The Kriller -Red #2

  1. Steve

    Not only is the fly box appeal great but it is a great change-up pattern. After fishing through a king run with a larger profile intruder my guide tied one of these on and I fished through the run again. We landed three fish on the second pass!

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