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Fall Rainbow Trout Selection

$99.95 each
Come September and October, Alaska's trout are at their most massive. To entice these monsters your fly needs to look like a T-Bone steak and it needs to get down. This 28 fly selection will get it done!
Fly Selection


Includes Dolly Llamas in multiple colors, AFFG Articulated Rubber Leg Flesh, , Articulated Lady Flesh, S&B String Leeches, Egg Hareballs and more. 28 Flies in all.

Purchase the selection as Flies Only or get one of our custom Alaska Fly Fishing Goods double-sided waterproof fly boxes for an additional $19.95. The box is a bombproof and measures 8.75" x 6.5" x 2".

A weight forward floating line such as the Rio Grand can handle quite a bit of your fall fishing with big flesh. If the water is up or the fish are holding deep, you'll want a sink tip line such as the Rio 10 Foot Streamer Tip. Use a stout leader that can turn over these big beasts such as the Rio Salmon Steelhead 9 foot leader in 10lb or 12lb test. 
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