Flesh and Bead Selection

Flesh and Bead Selection


The Flesh & Bead Selection is a double duty selection of prime flesh or “carcass” flies and over 100 8mm and 10mm mottled beads to mimic a wide range of salmon eggs. This selection is designed for summer and fall on rivers in the Illiamna/Bristol Bay area and Western AK. It will also work wonders on fish in Southcentral and Matsu streams and rivers.


The Flesh & Bead Selection is the ultimate box to conquer all when it comes to trout in Alaska’s rivers and streams. It comes with a variety of flesh flies that can be drifted under an indicator or swung off of a sink tip. The bead side of the selection comes with beads colored to represent a variety of eggs. The brighter oranges mimic freshly laid eggs and the opaque and washed out beads represent older eggs. This selection has the variety you need to cover all the bases of mid to late season Alaska trout streams.

Selection includes:
– 22 flesh fly patterns including smaller patterns like Battle Creeks for drifting and larger articulated or stinger style patterns for swinging or stripping
– Over 100 beads in 6 colors and two size (8mm and 10mm)
– 50 TB Peggz from Trout Beads
– 25 size 6 Gamakatsu C14s bead hooks
– Split shot in sizes 3/0 and BB
– Durable double sided box with adjustable compartments on one side for beads and a slotted foam on the other for flies.

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