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Rio Elite Single Hand Spey Fly Line


The Rio Elite Single Hand Spey line is a fantastic line for small to medium sized streams. It is the best roll casting line we have seen and it overhead casts medium sized streamers like a dream. You won’t believe the silky loops that unroll when you cast this line.

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From Us:
Although this line was created with the Single Hand Spey in mind, it is not carved into that market entirely. Where this line ruless is on small to medium sized streams with an indicator or bead rig. It also overhead casts medium sized flies beautifully. We love this line on our steelhead rods when fishing Liquid Wrenches under an indictor. It is also a great line for swinging flesh flies or sculpins. And we even have it set up on a 4 weight for small stream bead fishing for Dolly Varden. It is just a tremendously versatile line.

One note: if you are a dedicated Dolly Llama chucker, this is not the ideal line for that. Check out the Rio Grand, Airflo Nymph Taper or Rio Predator lines for hucking the #2 Llamas.

From Rio:
The Elite Single Handed Spey line has been designed to be a fantastic tool for anglers that prefer/need to perform roll and single-handed Spey casts. The rear weight distribution loads a rod deeply in the tightest of quarters, allowing anglers to make long, effortless casts with obstacles close behind. Though primarily designed for roll casting, this line also performs exceptionally easy overhead casts with incredibly smooth loop control. Built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch core the line provides groundbreaking levels of sensitivity and performance.

– Incredibly easy roll and overhead casting line design
– Ultra-low stretch core for maximum performance
– DualTone system to easily identify loading area
– Thick handling section lengthens out the head for stability and control

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