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SA Amplitude Smooth Anadro Indicator


The SA Amplitude Smooth Andro Indicator is one of the best nymphing lines we have seen.  With a long and heavy head, this is the line you want when beading here in Alaska.  This is a fantastic line for steelhead fishing or beading up big rainbows and Dollies in the fall.

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The SA Amplitude Smooth Anadro Indicator is designed for one thing in mind, nymphing.  In Alaska this means fishing beads.  With the long heavy head this line will roll cast a mile, even when you have a large indicator rig.  Not only does this line roll cast well, but it also mends like a dream.  This allows you to really hit the slots and runs where the big fish live.

WF-4-F 60.0’ / 18,3m 100.0’ / 30,5m 150gr / 9,7g
WF-5-F 60.0’ / 18,3m 100.0’ / 30,5m 175gr / 11,3g
WF-6-F 60.0’ / 18,3m 100.0’ / 30,5m 200gr / 13,0g
WF-7-F 61.0’ / 18,6m 100.0’ / 30,5m 225gr / 14,6g
WF-8-F 62.0’ / 18,9m 100.0’ / 30,5m 260gr / 16,8g
WF-9-F 63.0’ / 19,2m 100.0’ / 30,5m 305gr / 19,8g

* Grain weight for the first 30′



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