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Guide Model Trout Beads

Our exclusive Guide Model Trout Beads are hand painted by local Alaskan guides with several coats of nail polish paint, then clear coated for added durability. The white swirl can only be acheived by hand painting and it adds a huge amount of realism.

Additionally, hand painted beads have a depth and color that is unmatched and they flat out fish better. If you are fishing for rainbows in Alaska during the salmon spawn you owe it to yourself to have some of these.
$10.00 each Mark's Trout Food - Dark Roe Dark Roe is another absolutely deadly color. The hand painting allows the addition of a swirled white spot whi...
$10.00 each Mark's Trout Food - Natural Roe Natural Roe Trout Food in 6mm are a great bead fished behind spawning sockeye.  Try the 8mm behind chums,...
$10.00 each Mark's Trout Food - Orange Clear Clear Orange is the choice when a brighter bead is needed. When it is on, it is lights out! If sockeye are spa...
$10.00 each Mark's Trout Food - Tangerine Tangerine is the other bright bead color that racks up the trout and char. The white swirl that only comes fro...
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