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090116This week the fishing name of the game has been big flies, big fish, and big wind gusts. We have gotten an incredible amount of fishing photos from locals this week. It is fantastic to see so many people getting after the hatchery coho fun!

The Coho's continue to trickle into Sheep Creek area as well as the Salmon Creek area. 9 mile and 5 mile seem to be a bit behind the times, but are still producing chromers here and there. Really, what more is there to say? The Dolly llama seems to be the magic fly, pink and white, chartreuse and white, and black and white are the magic colors. Clousers are easier to cast though, so you can try those color combos in Clouser Minnow's too. At 9 mile and 5 mile, work on bracketing the low tides. At Sheep Creek you can bracket either the high or low, there have been fish caught on both sides of the tide.

Last year, the coho fishing seemed to really heat up the second week of September, so now is the time we should all get out there!

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Happy Fishing, Juneauites!