In this modern day, it is truly inspiring to fish and adventure in places that literally have not changed in the past 50-100 years. Places where the salmon runs remain strong, fishing pressure is low, and human development is no where in sight. There aren't many places left where an angler can go to fish rivers in or outside of Alaska that remain unchanged. However, they do still exist and there's an easy way to get them. Fly Out Travel's featured destination, Bristol Bay Lodge, is lucky enough to operate remote camps on two of the last best places to target king salmon on a fly rod in western Alaska as part of their fly out fishing program. These comfortable camps are positioned on two very different rivers where guests have the chance to experience what could possibly be the best wilderness fly fishing experience in Alaska. For more information about this exciting salmon destination contact Fly Out Travel and watch their short video "Unchanged" featuring Bristol Bay Lodge's salmon camps.

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