Sage Sonic 8116-4

Sage Sonic 8116-4


The Sage Sonic 8 weight switch rod is spot on for the absolute largest of steelhead, silvers, and fall rainbow trout. It can also handle kings in the 20lb range. The Sonic rods are very light in the hand which translates to less fatigue and better casts over the course of a long day on the water.

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The SONIC two-handed collection of rods place all the remarkable benefits of Konnetic Technology in both of your hands. Its lighter weight and decidedly thinner profile are welcome assets over a long day of fishing, reducing casting fatigue and minimizing wind resistance for tireless casts. Thanks to the shaft’s significantly enhanced torsional stability, the rod recovers quickly as it moves through the cast, optimizing load carry and line speed for long, smooth, flawless casts every time. With power to lift heavy tips out of the water and the precision to place the perfect touch-and-go anchor, the SONIC Spey and Switch rods are great multi-discipline tools that cover most any swinging scenario. Available in 11’6” Switch rods, the perfect length for smaller waters where there may be overhanging tree branches or steep grassy banks.


  • Rio Skagit Max Power 525 grain with Metered Running Line
  • Rio Switch Chucker #8
  • Rio Switch Line 8/9
  • MOW Tips: Light (T-8) or Medium (T-11) are excellent. Heavy MOW’s (T-14) can be used as well.

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