Rio MOW Medium Tips

Rio MOW Medium Tips


Rio’s MOW Tips are the ideal way to add a sink tip to your switch or spey rod. Medium MOW Tips are 10 feet in length, built on a low stretch base, feature T-11 (8 ips sink rate) in the sinking portion and come in a variety of sinking combinations. They are looped on both ends and laser labeled for easy identification.

In general Medium Tips work well on Skagit lines between 475 and 575 Grains.


From Us:
After years of cutting our own sink tips out of T-8, T-11, etc and having marginal casting success, Rio found a better way. MOW tips are all 10 feet in length. This is beneficial in several ways. First, you need 10 feet of tip on a Skagit line just to keep the anchor from blowing. If you try to add a 5 foot section of T-11 to your Skagit line the anchor won’t stay and your cast won’t go!

Second, MOW tips smoooooth out the whole cast. By having 10 feet to transition from Skagit head to sinking portion your cast will be less apt to tumble and turn your whole rig into a bolo.

By offering MOW tips in a variety of float/sink configurations, you can dial in specific fishing situations.

Boulder field with steelhead lurking behind rocks? Loop on the 7.5′ Float – 2.5′ Sink. You now have a mini-probe that lets you add micro sink and not get hung up on every rock in the run.

Shallow run with a waist deep tail out? The 5 x 5 is your weapon.

Deep run against the far bank? Try the 2.5′ Float – 7.5′ Sink.

MOW Tips are flat out easier to use, cast better and fish more effectively.

From Rio:

The Medium MOW Tips feature T-11, with a sink rate of 8″ per second, for the sinking material. Each of these tips has either a light green floating section, or if full sinking are a dark green color, for easy identification. The Medium MOW Tips are designed for heavily weighted flies and are ideal for Skagit lines between 475 and 575 grains.
All InTouch MOW tips are printed with their size and tip ratio on for easy identification.

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