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Small Stream Trout Rod Package

$395.95 each
Have you been searching for the perfect small stream or small trout rod package? After searching high and low, testing rods, lines, and reels we have settled on what we think to be one of the best beginning rod packages.



The 490-4 Echo Boost rod is the perfect, fast yet slow action rod you can easily throw streamers and dry flies with.

We have paired up this rod with the Lamson Liquid 1.5 reel. This reel is a fully cast alluminum reel, with a very sturdy drag. Whether you are fishing for 6 inch brookies, or 20 inch rainbows, this reel will keep you covered.

To seal the deal, we have lined the reel up with the Rio Avid Trout Floating Fly Line which is perfect for big flies, small flies, long distance casts, or short roll casts.

The package comes all set up, with a leader and a half dozen flies. This rod package could be yours for under $400! And, by purchasing as a package you save over $45!