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The Alaskan S.T.S. Leech - Midnight Crusher #2

$3.95 each
The Alaskan S.T.S. Leech, aka the Alaskan Super Tungsten String Leech, aka the Alaskan Salmon, Trout, Steelhead Leech) is a deadly from of the old S&B's Super String Leech. The tungsten eye allow this bad girl to dance a jig when stripped in the and the dubbed head and butt drive fish wild. Try her in the swingers club and she'll knock some lights out!

Whether you are fishing big rainbows in Bristol Bay and the Kenai or swinging for steelhead in Alaska and B.C., this fly will produce. The Black S&B features a dubbed wooly chartreuse head and a chartreuse butt. Rainbows of all variety love this color combo and having a hint of color front and back takes it to the next level.


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