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Tsiu River Silver Salmon Fly Selection

$99.95 each
3.9091 5 11 Product
Silvers in the Tsiu River are surface oriented to say the least. This 32 fly collection has many of the same patterns as our Silver Selection but with a much heavier emphasis on surface poppers and polywogs. And for when the silvers stop coming to the top, we have loaded it up with the best sub-surface flies, too. 
Fly Selection


Chug one of these surface poppers along, watch for the V-wake behind it, and hold on! Includes Pink Popper Wogs, Chartreuse Popper Wogs, Polywogs in two colors, Egg Hareball Leeches, Dolly Llamas, Polar Starlite Leeches and more....

Purchase the selection as Flies Only or get one of our custom Alaska Fly Fishing Goods fly boxes for an additional $19.95. The box is bombproof and measures 8.75" x 6.5" x 2".

We suggest fishing coho with a Rio Salmon/Steelhead 9 foot leader in either 12lb or 16lb test. This leader turns over heavy flies easily when casting and is abrasion resistant and tough so you don't lose flies all the time. It matches up perfectly with Maxima Ultragreen Tippet.

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