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5 New Flies for 2018

5NEWFLIESA few new flies for 2018 we are especially excited about.
When it comes to new, tricked out flies, we really can't help ourselves... One of our favorite pass times at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods is exploring the waters with new flies. This year, we bring you over 60 new patterns, some from Aqua Flies, and some of our own custom patterns. Take a look at a few we are most stoked about for the season to come...
FSFish Skull Stinger Zonker - Olive Rainbow.FISH SKULL ZONKERS

The Fish Skull Zonkers take the classic zonker to another level. By adding the keel weighted Fish Skull and stinger hook, this pattern goes from dancing the Waltz to spinning the Tango. With the added movement and longer body, this pattern drives trout crazy.
View the Ice Queen Here
FWFoxy Wog - Tutti Fruiti.FOXY WOG - TUTTI FRUITI

An Alaska Fly Fishing Goods Custom pattern, designed to drive Coho's crazy. Tied with UV materials that really make it stand out in the water. A foam back and synthetic materials keep it chugging on the surface when deer hair flies are sinking.
View the Foxy Wog Here

Stu's Prawn Truder has a full profile, wiggly legs, feelers and eyes. it is light and easy to cast and steelhead and salmon love shrimp, so they will come and find it. It is tied on a tube and comes ready to fish with junction tubing attached and a #2 hook. Available in Pink, Chartreuse, and Purple.
View the Prawn Truder Here
TRTide Rider - Brown.TIDE RIDER

The Tide Rider is a sweet bait fish pattern that sea run Dolly Varden and cutthroat trout eat up. A prominent eye combined with a grizzly hackle to simulate parr marks grabs their attention. Great in rivers for big trout, too. Availble in Olive or Brown.
View the Tide Rider Here
AOThe Alaskan Omelet - Fresh Flesh. ALASKAN OMELETS

Another Alaska Fly Fishing Goods exclusive pattern. The Alaskan Omelet was designed to be a 'searching' pattern for trout. It is especially effective in the headwaters of rivers even when flesh isn't in the water yet. The rabbit and marabou pulse in the water and trout cannot resist!
View the Alaskan Omelet Here

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