4702 SockeyLantern

Sockeye Lantern - Green.
Our #1 sockeye fly! Over the past 10 seasons we have honed this fly down to the bare essentials. Just enough Krystal Flash in contrasting colors and body that has a slight glow to it. Sockeye go nuts for this fly. Dead drift it on a floating line with an indicator.


Sockeye Killer - Red.
The Sockeye Killer in Red is ideal for fishing pocket water and fast current for fish on the move. It gets down in the strike zone and Red is as good as it gets. Plenty of flash, heavy eyes and a stout hook. Bring it!

MontanaBrassie Tutti
Montana Brassie - Tutti Fruiti.
Brassies work so well for sockeye, we added several more custom colors to our line up. The Tutti Fruiti Montana Brassie is proven winner. Its wire body gets it down in the strike zone and the color is a sockeye favorite.


4720 MercerSockeyFly
Mercer's Sockeye Fly - Orange.
From the vise of Mike Mercer comes this classic subdued sockeye fly that catches fish. Just enough color to entice fussy reds.


4707 CopperSwan CopperCopper Swan - Copper.
The Copper Swan is a big winner fly for sockeye. These bead head, wire-bodied flies really get down to the fish. Sockeye love a dead drifted, sparse fly, coming in right at their eye level. The Copper Swan fits this to a tee.


4726 SockLightRedSockeye Lightning - Red.
The Red Sockeye Lightning is as good a fly as you will find. Make sure to have enough in your box. This fly is best used drifted with split shot. Small, sparse, effective.