Beauty of a chromer from Tuesday August 10.

THE COHO ARE HERE! Our annual First Coho On The Road System contest was won by Jack B. on Tuesday August 10th. Nice job Jack! He took home an AFFG Articulated Fly Box stuffed full of Grade A coho flies.

Jack & his winning coho. Congratulations!

And then not two hours later we got photos of two more coho landed. So there are more than a few around and coho season is off and rolling. Unfortunately we have a little weather situation we have to deal with before too much silver fishing can occur. A lovely triple punch storm is ongoing and it looks to finish with a pretty potent "atmospheric river."

Not an awesome fishing forecast.

Oh well, these things happen in August and September. Once the rivers drop back again and the channel clears up, it will be time to get after it. If you haven't already, get your gear out and give it the once over. See if you need to resupply on Dolly Llamas & Clouser Minnows, if your fly line and leaders are still good and if those waders are keeping water on the outside like they should.

In addition to coho, right before the weather went south on us, the Dolly fishing was awesome. Tons of pink salmon in the rivers and hungry Dolly Varden stationed behind them. Once the rivers are fishable there should still be plenty of good bead fishing. And as an added bonus, the Dollies are starting to sport their fall spawning colors.

Hooked up to a nice Dolly.

As soon as the rain lets up, we'll see you out there!