What size and colors are recommended for California coastal and inland steelhead fly fishing?


If you are targeting steelhead in California and want to use Soft Beads here are some ideas about size and color.

The closer you are to the coast, the brighter the beads you want to use. Cerise, Sweet Cherry Pink and Creamsicle are all good colors.

As you move inland and the fish have been in the river longer, darker shades are more effective. Try Roe Natural and Roe Light. These can be good coastal colors, too, particularly if the water is low.

For size, if the water is low or you are fishing to spooky fish, go with 9mm or 10mm beads. On the coast where the fish are fresh and if the water is up, 12mm and 14mm are ideal.

Soft Beads are definitely the real deal! Hope that gets you started.