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Situk Steelhead Fly and Bead List

Check out our favorite flies for fishing the legendary Situk River in Yakutat for steelhead. From swinging flies like the Dirty Hoh and Mini Intruder, to smaller offerings like our custom Liquid Wrench and of course the crazy but effective Garcia Glo Bug.

Add to that our top choices for custom beads along with hooks, pegs and indicators. Note that the Disco Ball Beads and Metalhead Magnets are 5 per pack. 

Finally, we've added a 3-pack of the appropriate steelhead leaders and tippet. 

The quantities in the list are for fishing 3-5 days. You may want to adjust the quantities based upon your trip length and your tolerance for running out of flies. The Situk is a 'woody' river and eats up gear! With this list you can change quantities, delete items you don't need, add other items and check out when you are ready. 

If you have questions by all means give us a call or email and we'll help you get the right gear for your Situk River trip!

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