Hi Bob,

This is kinda what your fly selection will look like for early July. I've included a few mice, a lot of leeches/sculpin and a couple dries. I also included a couple king flies. If you end up chasing salmon, my guess is that they'll have some good flies for their area. Camille indicated that I should focus more on trout and grayling.

I have a couple of pattern that are currently out of stock or are new for 2019 that I would like you to see before making an order. Those patterns should start showing up in late Feburary or early March. I've set a reminder on my calendar to reach out to you on March 1st We'll tackle and fine tune the list then. I hope this "pre" list gets you excited for your upcoming trip next summer. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

ID Image Product name Unit price Quantity Total Actions
Morrish's Mouse #4$4.95$4.95
Bob's Booty Mouse #4$4.95$4.95
Tungsten Mini Dolly Llama Black & White #6$4.95$4.95
Tungsten Mini Dolly Llama Olive & White #6$4.95$4.95
Danny Boy - Olive #2$3.95$3.95
Al Green #8$3.95$7.90
Alaskan S.T.S. Leech - Midnight Bliss #4$3.95$3.95
Hippie Stomper - Black #12$2.50$2.50
Royal Wulff - #10$1.95$1.95
Articulated Hareball Leech - Fuchsia 1/0$3.95$3.95
Fat Albert - Flame & Pink #1/0$3.95$3.95


Quantity: 12

Price: 47.95