Grudens Vector Wader

Grudens Vector Wader


The Grundens Vector wader is one of the burliest waders we have seen in a long time.  If you don’t want to worry about busting through devil’s club, these are the waders for you.


Built with ruggedness and durability in mind, the Vector Stocking foot Wader is designed to maximize movement so that you can fish harder and adventure further both in and out of water. Featuring proprietary Grundéns wading mobility patterning for ease of movement when navigating your river of choice, Vector doubly focuses on best-in-class ruggedness and durability with an all-new puncture resistant 4-layer wader laminate that won’t beat up the way we know you beat up your waders.

Complete with molded-in kneepads, anatomically shaped, size specific, warming stocking feet, The Vector Stocking Foot Wader paves the path for a truly better wading experience.

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