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One Hand Spey OHS Rod Package

$899.00 each
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We'll come out and say it. The Echo OHS is the best all around fly rod for Alaska. It is the perfect middle ground between a switch rod and single hand rod. Imagine if your favorite single hand rod and your favorite switch rod made a baby... that baby would be the OHS.

At 10' 4" in length, the OHS overheads effortlessly, mends huge amounts of line and still does switch and spey casts beautifully. Especially when you put on the 2 1/2" rear spey grip.

Match it up with a Nautilus X Reel and Airflo's Galloup Nymph Indicator Taper line and you have an unbelievable rod package. Plus you save when you buy it as a package!

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From Us:
Available in a 6, 7, or 8 weight rod series, the OHS is quickly becoming one of our favorites. With a removable butt section, you can throw this rod as a single or double handed rod super simply (we prefer the switch butt most times). From using the #8 on our home water in S.E. Alaska for steelhead and bombing streamers off the beach for silvers, to the #6 or #7 for Bristol Bay and Kenai rainbows, the OHS is just flat out fun to fish. 

If you are beach casting, streamer hucking, or nymph fishing the OHS will make life easier and more fun, too!

The Nautilus X-Series is one of the most fantastic reels we have played with. Whether you are fishing saltwater, freshwater, or something in between the X-Series has you covered with a completely sealed drag, light weight, and versitility.  An awesome reel with very low maintainance, that will carry you through many fishing seasons to come.

Finally, the line that makes the whole thing sing: Airflo's Galloup Nymph Indicator weight forward floating line. Casts like a dream, mends beautifully and will even pull off basic switch casts. 

From Echo: 
The missing link between one hand rods and spey rods
The One Hand Spey Rod (OHS) offers the ultimate in versatility! Combined with a short Skagit head, these rods allow you to add a double haul to your spey cast. High modulus graphite makes the rod more efficient while casting and is light in the hand. The rod comes with a traditional fighting butt and a 2 ½” spey rear grip in case you want to give your casting hand a rest. Longer lengths provide additional leverage when fish are miles away
Features of the One Hand Spey Fly Rod:
- Four piece travel design
- Blank: Gloss emerald green
- Action: Med Fast+
- Tube: Fabric-covered rod case & sock
- Guides: SIC stripping guides and hard chrome snake guides
- Grips: Features removable fighting butt handle
- Reel Seat: Anodized
- Warranty: Echo Lifetime Warranty
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