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Loon UV Infiniti Light - Rechargeable Curing Light

$59.95 each
Loon's UV Infinity Light is a torch when it comes to UV resin curing lights. This rechargeable light cures all of Loon's UV resins in 15 seconds or less (as well as most other UV resins). Utilizing a micro USB cord (included) to a USB wall charger (not included), the light can be charged at any wall outlet. No need to hassle with changing batteries every couple of tying hours!


This is the most powerful and environmentally friendly curing light we have used. The on/off but is green when the light is charged and blinks red when charging is needed. Hold the button for 4-5 second to turn the light off.

- UV Infinity Light
- Micro USB to USB cable
- 1) 18650 rechargeable battery
- *USB wall charger not included
Spend just $200 more for


within US.