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BnR Soft Beads Pro Pack - AK Chum & Pink

$22.99 each
BnR's Soft Bead Pro Pack is designed for fishing in rivers where there is an abundance of pink and/or chum salmon spawning. Chum and pink eggs tend to be paler in color compared to the other salmon species. 8-10 mm beads in light oranges and peachy colors work best in fooling trout and char. A must have bead selection for for July & August fishing in Southeast Alaska, Kodiak, the Gulf Coast or anywhere pinks and chums are spawning. 

The Chum/Pink Pack features handmade 7, 8 and 10 mm beads in the following color options which were handpicked by some of the most successful fisherman on these rivers. The pro pack includes 8-10 beads in each size in the following colors:

• Creamsicle
• Mottled Natural
• Mottled Shrimp
• Natural
• Mottled Creamsicle

-Includes 50 bead stops


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