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"Big Hitter" Trout Package

$1,420.00 each
3.57143 5 14 Product
If you are looking for the absolute finest tackle for pursuing trout, look no further. In this package we have matched a Winston BIIIx 5 weight rod with a Hatch Finatic 5+ reel and a Rio Gold line.


There is no finer tackle for pursuing trout in Alaska or anywhere else for that matter.

An amazing 5 weight Winston BIIIx rod that will allow you to easily cast all day. The 590-4 Winston B3x is our rod choice for this package. The B3x is smooth and powerful and it is amazing how little effort is needed to cast it. It is a medium-fast action rod with a very delicate tip but still packs plenty of power to handle trout, dollies and grayling. A great Alaska rod that also will excel anywhere you will ever trout fish.

Matched with a Hatch Finatic 5+ reel that is a slick, reliable, and beautifully made solid machined aluminum reel. The Finatic 5+ is a perfect fit on a 9 foot 5 weight due to its small profile.

The package includes a Rio Gold weight forward floating fly line. Made for presenation and easy casting.

Both rod and reel have an unconditional lifetime guarantee to the original owner.
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