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Tibor 'Alaskan' Billy Pate Anti-Reverse Reel

$595.00 each
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Check out our custom anti-reverse Alaska salmon reel. Built by Tibor Reels of Florida on the legendary Billy Pate Bonefish chasis, you can fight big fish, never let go of the handle and avoid ever getting your knuckles busted! A super smooth disc drag, machined aluminum construction and classy good looks make this a winner. 
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From Us:
The Billy Pate Bonefish Reel has caught countless numbers of big fish from the tropics to Alaska. Ideal on your 8 or 9 weight rod, the anti-reverse drag system lets you hold onto the reel crank continuously without having the handle move. It is a favorite of sockeye anglers or anyone fighting a lot of fish over the course of a day. 

Fully machined aluminum is saltwater safe and will last for many years. We had it engraved with a salmon which adds a nice touch of class.

The drag comes set from the factory either right hand retrieve or left hand retrieve and cannot be changed. Please order carefully.