All the materials you need to tie 12 Mr. Bodangles in Hot Pink and 12 in Purple/Pink. Mr. Bodangles is a killer coho and king salmon fly that is easy to cast, fun to tie, and even funner to fish!

Kit includes 25 Gamakatsu Heavy Wire jig hooks, 24 eyes, thread, Cactus Chenille, Marabou in two colors, Two-Tone Crazy Legs in Pink/Hot Pink and Blue/Hot Pink, Saltwater Pearl Flashabou and a sample fly in each color. Watch our instructional video and start tying.

A Mr Bodangles fly sells for $4.95 so buying 24 would cost almost $119. The Tie Two Dozen Kit offers our best value and you will end up with 12 flies in Hot Pink and 12 in Purple Pink. The two best colors that catch fish all over Alaska!