Neer Hair


Softer than bucktail, stiffer than marabou, lightweight Neer Hair’s ultra fine fibers have an awesome action when wet. These fibers shed water effortlessly and are fairly bouyant. They can be used in streamer patterns such as smolt or sculpin, used as a parapost in parachute dries or as wings in bonefish flies or small crab patterns. These veritile fibers come in a large array of colors and can be used with other synthetic or natural fibers to add depth to a pattern. Made in U.S.A



Neer Hair is an US made synthetic fiber that is a great for creating various styles of wings. It is softer than Fish Hair, but stiffer than Craft Fur and doesn’t mat when used in saltwater. It’s versatility and durability is quickly making it one of our go to materials for baitfish and saltwater flats patterns. It is buoyant, so it can be used for para post or wings on various dry flies. It is great when used as a wing on bonefish flies such as Gotchas or Christmas Island Specials. The buoyancy helps lift the pattern off of the bottom, but gets pulled back down when stripped, giving it a life like swimming motion. It sheds water easily, making larger  salmon/steelhead  and baitfishpatterns easy to cast and it can be blended with other winging materials to make fuller wings and bodies. Come is a variety of colors


  • Dry Fly Wings and Post
  • Baitfish and Sculpin Patterns (Fryolator)
  • Salmon and Steelhead Flies and Jig Patterns
  • Saltwater Flats Patterns

22” Fibers (11” on each side of the zip tie). Floats. Made in USA.


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