During the spring and early summer, various species of juvenile salmon, called smolt, make the great migration from freshwater to saltwater. These small salmon travel in large schools as they try to find refuge in numbers. Along this journey, they are met by voracious predators including trout and char. These trout and char love to push these small salmon to the surface where they will slash through the school, forcing the smolt to “bust” the surface trying to escape. We call this the Smolt Bust. Throwing poppers and sliders designed to look like salmon smolt is a very exciting way to crush trout and char on topwater.  Using Rainy’s Pee-Wee Pops is essential to creating Popping and Sliding Smolt. Use them with long shank hooks steamer hooks or tie them stinger style, either way you’ll have too much fun busting smolt for trout!

*White only
**6 heads per pack