Aqua Talon Swing Hook

Aqua Talon Swing Hook


If you are looking for the perfect salmon fly stinger hook, this is it. The Aqua Talon Swing hooks were designed by Jerry French (of Intruder fly fame) and Aqua Flies. They are super sharp, feature just the right wire diameter to penetrate easily without sacrificing strength, and have a micro barb that can be left in tact or flattened easily. 25 per pack.

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From Aqua Flies:

We designed our Aqua Talon hooks after many years of on-the-water experience. An obvious need emerged for an ultra precise, high performance hook that is as fish friendly as possible.

  • Continuous, round shape for superior strength
  • Slight drop point for an ideal hook-up location
  • Fine wire size for maximum penetration
  • Offset point
  • 20 degree turned up eye for a perfect girth hitch to trailing loop
  • Micro barb for those that need one
  • Made in Japan

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