Looking for a value-priced stainless hook? Check out the U401 from Umpqua. It is made of high grade carbon steel, is chemically sharpened, has a micro-barb for easy flattening, AND cost less than 7 bucks for 25 hooks!  It is also a great “sacrificial front hook” for tying Dolly Llamas (get the size 1/0) or other trailing hook flies.The U401 is a 1x strong, straight eye, stainless steel hook. 25 per pack.

Note: if you are using it as a sacrificial hook for tying Dolly Llamas with a 3/8″ or 7/16″ cone, get the size 1/0. The 1/0 has a large enough ring eye to keep the cone in place. The #2 does not.