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Dazl Eyes - Nickel

$5.50 each
5 5 2 Product
The Nickel Dazl Eyes are our choice for Clouser Minnows, Lead-Eye Leeches and all variety of salmon flies. Dazl Eyes are perfectly machined from non-toxic brass and are more durable than lead. 25 per pack except 7/32" which has 20. 


A few size suggestions:
  • 3/32" are tiny eyes for the smallest of minnows.
  • 1/8" is for very small trout flies.
  • 5/32" is for small Clousers such as a #8 or smaller or if you want to tie a lightly weighted Clouser.
  • 3/16" is the go-to size for all your standard Clousers (#2-#6) or light salmon flies.
  • 7/32" is for super heavy Clousers or lead eye salmon flies like Hareball Leeches.
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